We provide selections and suggested bankroll allotments for Major League Baseball, National Football League, College Football, National Basketball Association, and NCAA Basketball Games.

Horse Racing - Spot Plays

We provide analysis of selected spot plays at various race tracks throughout the United States.

Horse Racing - Major Carryovers

We provide reports on horses to consider and others to avoid for major Pick 6 and Pick 5 Carryovers at various tracks throughout the United States.

Bankroll Management

The key to winning in sports and horse betting is your ability to properly manage your bankroll.  We have seen players who choose correctly at a high percentage rate consistently lose due to poor bankroll management.  On the other hand, we have known mediocre handicappers thrive due to proper bankroll management and discipline.  Visit our commentary tab for occasional articles related to bankroll management.


The sports world is filled with touts who predict that you will become rich and experience considerable lifestyle changes by betting on their selections.  They often charge upwards of $50 to $100 for a selection or monthly packages that could cost as much as $1,000 or more.  We look at sports and horse wagering as an enjoyable activity with the potential to produce supplemental income.  With this in mind, we do not advocate making a considerable amount of wagers.  There will be many days where we do not suggest making any wagers at all.  When we have some attractive spots, we may suggest as many as 3-5 plays.  Understand that the odds are against players and the more you play the worse the odds become.  Play conservative and focus on key spots.  If you desire the entertainment associated with having action on a game you are watching, play it lightly.

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